3 Outdoor Photography Tips You Need to Know

Nothing tops off a big adventure better than capturing the perfect outdoor photo. Climbing an elusive peak, kayaking some raging rapids or camping in a secluded canyon is all the more enjoyable when you get home with the perfect photo to share with friends. Follow these 3 outdoor photography tips to raise your photos from okay to amazing.

1. How to Take Photos of Moving Water

You've seen other people shoot photos of moving water that captures that silky smooth look. It's not that difficult to capture moving water if you know these simple tips:

For written instructions follow this link: How to Photograph Moving Water

2. How to Achieve Shallow Depth of Field

Shallow depth of field is an outdoor photography technique that captures one item is focus but leaves the background out of focus. It brings some interesting contrast to your photos and really makes them pop. To achieve this effect follow these steps:

Outdoor Photography Tips Share Your Adventure Photo by Chelsea Peyton Moore

  • Aperture — Choose the widest aperture available on your camera. A wider aperture will have a smaller number. Try setting it to f 2.8 or f 1.4.

  • Subject-to-camera distance — Bring the subject as close to the lens as possible while still maintaining the framing you desire. You can increase the effect by increasing the distance between the subject and the background.

  • Focal Length — The longer the length of your lens the better depth of field you'll capture. You can still accomplish a shallow depth of field with a point and shoot camera but you'll need to use your cameras zoom to increase the effect.

For more information: Shallow Depth of Field.

3. How to Capture the Night Sky

Outdoor Photography Tips Share Your Adventure Photo by Jeff Sullivan

Everybody loves a great photo of the stars. Camping in a secluded area gives you an excellent opportunity to capture the night sky. Watch the video below or read the text description here: Night Photography.

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