5 Amazing Adventurers You've Probably Never Heard of

You've probably heard of Amelia Earhart's groundbreaking flights, Sir Edmund Hillary's first summit of Mount Everest and Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon but have you thought about those continuing to do big adventures in our time? Of course, there's Felix Baumgarter's recent space jump but what other big adventures are people doing?

Amazing Adventurers Share Your Adventure Photo by Dan McDonough

5 Amazing Adventurers You May Not Know

Aleksander Doba is a Polish kayaker who successfully completed the longest open-water kayaking trip across the Atlantic Ocean. At the age of 67, Aleksander paddled from Lisbon, Portugal to New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The journey took 5 months as he paddled over 7,716 miles. Read more about this amazing adventure here.

Earlier this year, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgenson completed the first free ascent of the Dawn Wall in Yosemite National Park. The Dawn Wall route is a 3,000 foot climb up the famous El Capitan. This amazing climb has brought these climbers to the forefront of amazing adventures completed in recent years and has gained a lot of attention on the sport of rock climbing. Learn more in this National Geographic interview.

Sarah Marquis made a solo expedition in 2010 from Siberia to Australia. She simply walked through six different countries on a trip that took three years. She walked through Mongolia, China, Laos and Thailand before catching a cargo ship to Australia. Read all about her journey on Sarah's Website.

Many people hike the Appalachian Trail, but nobody has covered the trail as quickly as Jennifer Pharr Davis. She hiked the trail's 2,181 miles in 46 days, 11 hours, and 20 minutes. Jennifer put in 16 hours of hiking each day to average 47 miles per day on this record setting hike. Do you want to know more, check out Jennifer's Blog.

Will Gadd and Gavin McClurg traveled 400 miles through the remote Canadian Rockies by paragliding. The 2014 adventure had them flying up to 50 miles before finding a place to land. They would set up camp at a landing zone then take off again the next morning from the same spot. All forward progress on this trip was accomplished by flying. Learn more about this awesome adventure in this interview.

Are you inspired to go on your own adventure? Big or little, it doesn't matter. Just get outside and have some fun.
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