5 Uses for Paracord on the Trail

Paracord can be an extremely useful tool while out in the backcountry. From longer backpacking and thru-hikes to shorter adventures, paracord is a light weight tool that could be useful or may even save your life. Check out these 5 uses for paracord on the trail.

Paracord can be used for first aid, replacing shoe laces and repairing equipment but here are 5 more cool uses for paracord you might not have thought about:

1. Strap wet and dirty items to the outside of your pack - This is a great way to keep those wet items outside of your pack so everything else can stay clean.

2. Lower your pack down steep sections of trail - This is a great way to get your backpack down difficult sections and to reduce your risk of injury by taking the weight off your pack in dangerous areas.

3. Use the inside threads for a making sewing repairs - Simply pull out a section of the interior thread (as shown in the above video) and use a needle to sew any clothing or gear that has been damaged.

4. Use it to hang a hammock or to make a clothes line - Paracord is perfect for hanging your hammock or it can be used as a clothes line if you need to dry out your clothing or gear.

5. Make a paracord fishing lure - In an emergency you can use a hook and line to catch fish but the paracord can help add some appeal to the hook and increase your odds of catching a fish. (See above video for details)

Those are just 5 of the many ways paracord can be helpful on the trail. What is the coolest thing you've used paracord for? Tell us in the comments below.
Andy Hawbaker
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Andy Hawbaker
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