Angelyne The Amazing Deaf Cattle Dog

We've had a new model posing for photos on the Sierra Trading Post site. She's been attracting crowds of people everywhere she goes. She's not just a great model. Angelyne the amazing deaf cattle dog is an inspiration.

Eric Melvin picked Angelyne out of a litter of Australian cattle dogs without knowing just how special she was. After a short time together, Eric discovered Angelyne was born completely deaf. While most people see disability as something that slows you down or prevents you from greatness, Eric believes that when compassion meets resilience, anything is possible.

Angelyne the amazing deaf cattle dog

Angelyne now knows more than 60 signal commands including hand signals, vibrations and flashlights. Her keen attention and well-trained behavior makes a perfect fit for modeling dog beds and other dog gear available at Sierra Trading Post but the story of overcoming a disability is inspiring people of all ages.

Angelyne the deaf cattle dog

"Everybody has something to overcome", says Eric who ways diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 14. "This is the ultimate partnership."

Eric and Angelyne have made appearances in eight states, bringing this inspiring story to school children, youth groups, churches, corporate events and senior centers.

Dog Beds

Angelyne has been modeling dog beds for us since June. It's always fun to have her in the studio. For more information check out their website: Eric & Angelyne and follow them on Facebook.
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