Tips for Living a Balanced Life

Life is busy, not easy at times, and working 24/7 is not good for anyone. One of life's greatest challenges is finding a perfect balance of work to play ratio. We have heard how time spent outdoors contributes to a healthy well-being and the positive impact nature and fitness have on our lives. Disconnecting, taking a walk outside, trail running, skiing, hiking, and any other outdoor pursuit can be good for you: mind, body, and soul. The point is that you just need to get out there and do the activity that works for you, alleviates your stress, exercises your body, strengthens your mind, and inspires your heart. What works for one person or family may not work for the rest. There are a million combinations and you need to find the best one for you.


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Understand the Importance of Time Spent Outdoors
Ask yourself the significance outdoor time plays in your life. What are the reasons you go outside and how do you benefit from them? Do you feel refreshed after a brisk walk between conference calls? Do you gain insight or feel inspired from the scenic vistas? Can you imagine a life indoors without feeling the sun on your cheeks or the brisk, fresh air in your lungs? Ask questions that help you decide how important being out in nature is to you. Figure out the activities that mean the most.

Once you determine that finding balance in your life includes a healthy dose of outdoor time you will need to make it a priority. It is easy to talk ourselves out of doing tasks good for us especially when our days are filled with household chores, jobs, and chauffeuring our kids around.

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Hold Yourself Accountable
Balancing anything is an art. The more buried we are in our work the more difficult it can be to swing the pendulum the other way. It takes effort. It takes conscious decision-making. Take the steps to keep you sane and stick with it. Keep a journal if that helps.

Schedule Your Time
Plan your daily, weekly, and monthly outdoor activities. Add your trips to your calendar and schedule, schedule, schedule. You're less likely to cancel if you have an appointment. Set and keep routines.

Be Spontaneous
I realize spontaneity conflicts with scheduling, but one key to living a balanced life is flexibility. Listen to yourself. Know when to take a break and get outdoors, scheduled or not.

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Go with Friends
We often question our decision to cancel events when other people are involved. No one wants to bail or let down another person counting on us. Friends and family also encourage us to come along even when we feel like napping on the couch. Friends hold us accountable.

Take Multiple, Daily Walks
Don't wait until the weekend to have fun. Break up your day and go outside. Walking does wonders for stress-relief, idea generation, and self-reflection. Choose you. Gift yourself fifteen minutes here and thirty minutes there of trees and dirt, of looking up and viewing the cloud formations, of smelling the flowers. Go outside every day.

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Static, life is not. Constantly changing we must routinely evaluate our circumstances and adjust as necessary. Be aware of when you need to disengage or change things up. Be proactive and take charge of your life. Slow down. Relax. Go Outdoors.


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