Best Apps for Outdoor Adventure

As a constant adventurer, I'd like to share my favorite iPhone apps for adventure. There are so many different categories that fall into outdoor adventure so I decided to break it down into the ones that I felt best represented the offering that is available in the App Store. So without further ado, here are the best iPhone apps for outdoor adventure, be sure to let us know what I missed in the comments below.


Best Adventure Apps

Map My Hike (free)

Since one of the more popular apps for hiking, Everytrail, seems to be going in and out of existence I have migrated to Map My Hike for tracking my trips. This app organizes and catalogs activities so that you can track what you are doing and set goals for your outdoor activities. It is easy to use and if you are in an urban area it will even show you where water is located for walks or runs. You can also find where others have hiked in the area through the app as well, but I prefer AllTrails for that.

Peaks USA (free)

Ever been hiking and wanted to know statistics about the mountain ranges that are around you? Peaks USA provides that by simply pointing your phone at the mountain range. Once the GPS calibrates it will provide the peaks name and altitude and you can move it around to see other peaks in the area. It has issues sometimes but overall its a fun app.

AllTrails (free)

Much like Everytrail, all trails also has a great collection of activities and maps that you can access directly on the app. All Trails really does a great job of cataloging the trails that are around you and I find myself using it a lot when I go to new areas. All Trails also offers tracking but I still tend to use Map My Trail for tracking.


Running Apps

Runkeeper (free, elite is $39.99 a year)

I reviewed a ton of running apps when I was training for a marathon and I found Runkeeper to be my favorite for saving my runs. It has an easy tracking system with very accurate data and the paid version allows you to broadcast your run, which I found invaluable for when I was running races and others wanted to follow along. I also love the statistics and that you can import runs from other apps into it. An example of that being when I use Run Zombie Run it will send the finished run to RunKeeper so I can keep all of my data in one spot.

Run Zombies Run! ($3.99)

If you need motivation to get out there and run then this is it. Run Zombies Run! has a series of 20 stories that are each told over a 30 minute run. The stories pretend like you are a runner gathering supplies for after the zombie apocalypse and it interacts with you as you run. It will even tell you when a zombie is close and you have to run faster to escape the zombie and not die in the story. It can be cheesy but it makes a 30 minute training run go fast.

Footpath ($0.99)

This app was amazing for me when I was trying to complete training runs. What it allows you to do is to draw a path with your finger on a map and it will tell you the distance. This works well for figuring out where to run around your house to get a certain amount of miles and so on. It also helps you realize how close things are to you and may even encourage you to walk a mile to the store instead of hopping in the car.


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SAS Survival ($5.99)

The best app I have found to survival suggestions and information, SAS Survival covers everything from food to first aid. Luckily I have never been in a survival situation that warrants using it, but I feel better knowing I have access to it when needed and I often like reading the information on it just for my own personal knowledge.

Road Trips

Best Road Trip AppsRoadtrippers

I use this app a lot when planning trips. Not only does it show you things to do around your planned drive but it also allows you to set up an entire road trip in app so that you can follow it when you start the drive. It provides stats like miles and time to destinations and is a great way to look back on the road trips you have done in the past as it tracks them in your account. Lastly, it can make suggestions for things to do within a certain amount of miles from your route, that way you do not go to far out of your way to see a sight.

Field Trip

A shameless plug as my blog content is in it, but this app made by Google is a great way to explore things that are around you as well as get suggestions of places to visit on your next trip. One problem with it is that Field Trip often has too much information so it can be hard to sift through it all, but for a free app it has a ton of good suggestions.


Best Photography Apps

Snapseed (free)

My go to iPhone photo editing is Snapseed as this app is extremely powerful for a free iPhone app. I use it almost exclusively for the photos I take and have turned many others onto it as well. The built in HDR effect is fantastic as are the detail controls they offer. Get to know it and I guarantee you will take your photos to the next level.

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GoPro (free)

If you own a newer GoPro then this app is a no brainer. I use it all the time for editing the settings on my GoPro and as viewfinder for what I am recording. I also love that I can connect to my GoPro after filming and download what I shot to share on my social media accounts. All in all it is a great way to get your footage and photos quickly and it actually makes the GoPro a lot better than it is on its own.

star apps

Sky Guide ($1.99)

While this can just be used for seeing the stars that are around you, I use it for night photography. It is an amazing app that lets you point your phone at the sky and see what constellations are around you. It's great when you're sitting at the campfire with friends and also great when you're looking for constellations to shoot star trail photos.

And of course when you're shopping for outdoor gear, check out the Sierra Trading Post App.

So there you have it, my list of must use iPhone apps. Now is your turn, what did I leave off? Make sure to leave it in the comments as I am always on the lookout for new apps.
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