Top 5 Budget Summer Vacation Ideas

Ah, summertime. What's better than warm summer nights and some time to relax? If you haven't already planned your summer vacation it's time to get on it before the cool weather comes back. Whether you enjoy camping, backpacking, road trips or fancy hotels, you can have the perfect summer vacation. Unfortunately, traveling can be expensive but there are ways to save some money and still have a great summer. Below are the top 5 budget summer vacation ideas.

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Top 5 Budget Summer Vacation Ideas

1. Go to the Beach. Duh, it's summertime. Get out the sunscreen, a raft and a cold drink, it's time to relax on the water. Even if you can't afford an all inclusive resort in Costa Rica, you can enjoy a road trip to Myrtle Beach, SC; Fort Myers, FL; or San Diego, CA. If a road trip isn't an option, how about a day trip to the river or lake in your nearby state park.

2. Try a Family Camping Trip. Grab the whole family and head for the woods. Whether you pick a spot by the river, on the lake or in a large meadow, you can relax and enjoy a few days of sleeping under the stars. Bring a tent or take an RV, whatever it takes to be comfortable in the outdoors. Camping is fun and a great budget summer vacation activity.

3. Take a Road Trip. Fill up the gas tank and hit the open road. Drive up the California coast, visit a national park or go to a state you've never visited before. A nice road trip can be inexpensive if you camp and cook most of your meals. It's always fun to visit new places and see new things and there is no better way to do that than to drive to a destination and discover new things along the way.

4. Visit Family. Maybe not the most exciting vacation, but it's always fun to visit brothers, sisters, parents, grandmothers or whoever. If you can stay with them the trip is really inexpensive. You won't have to pay to stay in a hotel and most of the meals will be home-cooked. You'll save a bundle of money, you'll enjoy the time with your family and you can explore the area they live in for a few days.

5. Take a Staycation. If you are on a budget, consider staying close to home and do all of the things you never have time for. Have you always wanted to visit the water park that is just 1 hour away? When was the last time you went to a major league baseball game at the nearby ballpark? Is there a hiking trail you've always wanted to explore only 2 hours away? Make a list of the 4 or 5 things near your home that you've always wanted to check out but never had the time. Then do them all in one fun-filled week.

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The best part of summer is taking some time off from work and your daily routine. If you plan ahead you can take a budget summer vacation. Try one of the above summer vacation ideas or come up with your own inexpensive vacation but most importantly take some time and have fun.

Do you have ideas on how to take a budget family vacation? Enter your vacation ideas in the comments below.
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