3 Fall Trends Comfort-Cravers Will LOVE

I don't know about you, but my fashion choices are largely based on comfort. Rather than focusing on the latest trends, I'm all about practicality and making it through the day without getting annoyed by my wardrobe. I am a proud comfort-craver, especially during fall and winter's cozy-inducing weather.

This year's fall trends make it easy to be stylish and comfortable. Take a look at these three trending styles comfort-cravers everywhere will absolutely adore.


Athleisure, or stylish athletic wear, is truly a dream come true. As someone who loves snuggling up in a comfortable set of sweats, it's exciting to finally have some athletic wear options that scream style instead of scrub.

Pulling off an athleisure look is relatively simple. One of the staples of this look is a pair of athletic pants or capris that are either fitted or come to a tapered fit at the ankle. Having the right pair of pants give this style a finished look, so it's key to get this part right. (Ladies, you officially have permission to wear leggings as pants!) Pair your comfy pants with a T-shirt or tank top, a somewhat structured jacket and a pair of stylish sneakers, and you're good to go!

fall trends Athleisure

The best part about this look is that you can easily dress it up or down depending on the occasion. Meeting friends at a brewery? Casual tennis shoes and a fitted sweatshirt it is. Going to the office? Switch it up with booties and a blazer. The athleisure trend is a versatile one with a lot of space to add your own style spin. (For more information on this trend, check out our athleisure buying guide.)


Booties, booties, booties, booties rockin' everywhere! That might as well be the theme for this fall, because booties are in. Booties (boots that stop at the ankle) and shoeties (boots that stop below the ankle) are incredibly cute and incredibly comfortable. I've never been a big fan of heels, but the low and chunky heels on booties and shoeties make that extra lift effortless.

fall trends Casual Boots Women

If you're looking for a pair of booties or shoeties this fall, keep your eye out for hardwear embellishments. Buckles, side zippers and other decorative details give those booties an extra kick. Also be on the lookout for slouch booties if you really want to take that comfort level up a notch.

Guys, you can get in on this trend, too. Watch for casual yet stylish chukka boots to bring your fall look together.

fall trends Casual Boots Men

Similar to athleisure, booties are incredibly versatile! You can wear a bootie or a shoetie with nearly any outfit. This footwear is the perfect way to keep your low-maintenance style on-trend.

Urban Parkas

One of my first tests for whether or not I like a jacket is to lift and rotate my arms. I want the coat to be comfortable, not to feel like I'm going to Hulk out and rip it to shreds with the wrong movement. This is where an urban parka beats out a trendy peacoat in my book.

casual parka fall trends

An urban parka basically looks similar to a ski jacket, but it might not be as feature-rich as a jacket designed to keep you toasty on the slopes. Instead it could feature faux fir and stylish zippers or snaps. Many of these casual parkas are longer than a jacket you'd wear skiing or snowshoeing, covering your booty for the ultimate warmth as you stroll through town.

Which of these comfortable trends are you excited to try this year?
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This is an excellent article, I am a Fashion Blogger and love finding new articles about Fashion that inspire me all the time. Fashion trends change with every season and sometimes dramactically, my favourite time of the year is the season of autumn/winter. You have so many options with clothes in this time, where you have multiple things to style and layer on top of each other. It's always nice to read others opinions and thoughts on what is trending for this new season that is upon us; fall, so thank you! http://www.posherry.com/blog/fall-2016-fashion-trends-new-season/
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