Sierra Trading Post Dog Show

This week marks the start of the 139th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. It's not unusual to see a dog in the halls of Sierra Trading Post's headquarters in Cheyenne, Wyo. Beemer, the German Shorthair Pointer frequents the headquarters and the fulfillment center and other dogs, such as Angelyne The Amazing Deaf Cattle Dog are brought into the photo studio to model dog beds.

Not all of our favorite dogs get to come to work so we thought we'd host our own Sierra Trading Post Dog Show here on the Sierra Social Hub.

Dog Show

Abby is a 3-year old pure breed Saint Bernard. She was rescued from a puppy farm at nine months old. She loves snow and beer but hates summer and bath time. She belongs to Merchandise Buyer, Tina Clark. Ellie Mae is a German Shorthaired Pointer who loves exploring the outdoors and thinking up creative ways to take up even more space in the bed. She belongs to Retail Supervisor, Kayla Hays. Rudi is a Golden Retriever who is very loyal. A couple of years ago Software Developer, Brian Liedtke had a medical emergency and Rudi tried to revive him. Rudi stayed by his side the whole time.

STP Dog Show

Maszlo, pictured at the top of Laramie Peak, was named after the 20th century social scientist. He belongs to Voice of Sierra Manager, Juliette Rule. Meeka is a Chihuahua who can answer a touch screen phone with her paw and a bark. She belongs to 2nd Shift Receiver, Bob Cole. Tucker is a Mini Aussie Stock Dog Registered Red Merle who can jump 5'6" to give Customer Service Supervisor Joanne Anderson kisses.


Dizzy is a ShiChi (Shih Tzu/Chihuahua mix) who thinks she is a cat. She plays with cat toys and cuddles with Copy Specialist, Colleen Shassetz. Lacey is a Red Merle Mini Aussie who can smile which makes it look like she's in attack mode. Lacey belongs to Customer Service Supervisor, Joanne Anderson. Van is a Chihuahua who loves to go for rides in the VW bus. Van belongs to Bria (Retail Marketing Coordinator) and Jason Hammock (Marketing Business Analyst).


Pippin will dance for treats, was once beat up by a cat and quickly learns new tricks. Booker is laid-back but he's always ready to catch any ball thrown in his direction. Both Pippin and Booker belong to Web Content Writer, Kelle Kimble. Charlie is a Saint Bernard/Bull Mastiff mix who has been trained not to eat or take a treat until he hears the word OKAY. Charlie belongs to Email Specialist, Melanie Pace.

Happy Dogs

Ditzy is a Terrier/Shepherd Mix who has accidents in her bed but puts herself in timeout because she knows she's been naughty. Meadow is a mixed rescue dog. She seems to be immune to fences. Whether she jumps them or climbs them like a ladder, she just likes to be free. She's loved by Blogger, Andy Hawbaker. Moose is a Cavapoo who can howl like a wolf. Ditzy and Moose both belong to Data Reporting Analyst, Kalie Spurgas.

Dogs at work

Roo is a Chonzer (Bichion F. and Mini Schnauzer) hybrid. She has an expensive appetite for electronic devices if ignored but she's still loved by Karen Harrison from our Graphic Department. Beemer is a German Shorthair Pointer. His bad habits include digging and mooching but he's happy to be right beside Robin Jahnke, Director of Fulfillment. Bandit is a Border Collie/Lab/Aussie/Golden Retriever mix who gets so excited to bring the newspaper in every morning. He belongs to Photographer, Heather Sisneros.

work dogs

Kody and Kasey are both Aussie mix rescue dogs belonging to Richard Foy in our Cody Call Center. Abby will continuously howl when she hears a squeaker toy. She also sits up on her hind legs to beg for treats. She belongs to Email Manager, Elizabeth Roberts. Daisy and Daphne are Yorkies and they're sisters. Maybe you've seen Daisy on our website, she's modeled some dog beds in the past. These two belong to RGB Color Tech, Susan Todd.

silly dogs

Boo is a Weimaraner. He belongs to Cody Call Center employee, Terri Lightman. Priscilla is all girl, she loves to dress up in outfits and to go shopping, where she sits quietly in the cart. She belongs to Juanita Moore from our email department. Patch is deaf, but functions so well people rarely notice. He likes watching TV, especially anything depicting other dogs and for some reason, WWF wrestling. Patch belongs to Cody Call Center CSR Karrie Cox.

outside dogsBoozer's trick is knocking over young children and Kooper is a professional cuddler. They both belong to Visual Web Designer, Jack Poppe. Big Man is a Caucasian Ovcharka. He's the loudest snorer in the house but he's still loved by Footwear Buyer Tracy Lempka.

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