Famous Adventurers From The Past

We pack our backpacks up and head into the forest looking for adventure. While these weekend adventures are a ton of fun, can you imagine being one of the first explorers to travel through the western U.S.A.? Let's take a twist on our Mystery Destination Game. This week I'll give you some facts about some famous adventurers and see if you can name the adventurer or expedition. Simply read the clues then enter your guess in the comments below.

  • This 1869 expedition was a groundbreaking exploration of the Green River and Colorado River including the first known passage through the Grand Canyon.

  • The expedition started on May 24, 1869 in what is now Green River, Wyoming with ten men ready for a giant adventure.

  • Of the ten men, only six completed the entire journey. One quit after claiming he'd had enough adventure and three others hiked out of the canyon fearing they couldn't survive the river much longer. Sadly, they were killed in a case of mistaken identity. The six remaining members reached the mouth of the Virgin River just two days after the other gave up.

  • These men named many of the features along the Green and Colorado Rivers that remain today, including the Gates of Lodore.

  • The leader of this expedition had lost his arm to amputation after taking a musket ball during a battle in the Civil War. He had grown up rafting the Mississipi River and had been a professor of Geology before taking on this adventure.

Expedition Photos used from Public Domain. Thanks to Grand Canyon National Park for making them available.

Do you know the name of this famous expedition? Do you know the name of the leader of this expedition? Enter your guess in the comments below.
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