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**This is a guest post from Adam Nutting of Hiking the Trail. Join us at 6pm EDT/3pm PDT Thursday for our weekly #TrailTime Twitter Chat. This week we're talking about keeping adventure alive!**

So many of us who love the great outdoors struggle with a simple little issue that keeps us from getting outdoors as much as Where we wrap all of the requirements as adults into a word and simply use it as an excuse. Kids, work, family, friends, money (or lack there of) and time are all fighting for that number one spot on the list. Now, do not take what was just said as negative. So much of life gives us amazing moments but how can we squeeze more of the outdoors into those few and far between little moments. As summer is quickly coming to an end here are are a few ways to keep adventure alive.

Go for a walk, bike ride or hike during your lunch break.

You do not need run a marathon, climb a mountain, or walk to the moon, but just getting outside under the sun will help you recharge those batteries. Stop and eat your lunch in a nearby park if you can.

take a walkGo for a walk with your family around the block in the evenings or weekends.

I hear how so many people do not have time to get outside. Replace 1 hour of TV or internet surfing at night or on weekends with a walk, run, bike or hike. You will be glad you did.

Plan a staycation adventure.

There are some pretty awesome places right in your own backyard that can provide plenty of adventure. There is no need to drive or fly across the country to see some of the most awesome things you will get to experience.

backyard campingSet up a tent or hammock in the back yard and go camping.

Going camping does not mean you have to go to far off places. Yes, we all like going to exotic places but some times your back yard or living room can cure the camping bug.

Visit a neighboring city / state for adventure.

Do you know how many hiking and biking trails that are within a few hours drive from you? I bet you would be surprised at how many there are. The same concept applies to parks, camping locations, museums and places of interest. Choose a distance you're willing to travel and start researching the towns in that zone. You'll be amazed at all the neat things for you and your family to enjoy.

What tips do you have for keeping adventure alive and part of your every day life? Share them with us! Join @sierratp and @hikingthetrail for the #trailtime chat on Thursday, July 24th at 4pm MDT!
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