7 Free Things To Do This Weekend

You're looking for something fun to do this weekend without spending a ton of money. We get it, life can be pretty expensive so it's important to live on a budget, but you don't have to be bored just because you're trying to save some money. Here are 7 fun ideas that won't cost you any money.

1. Take a Long Bike Ride - Assuming you already own a bike, you can hit the trails or just ride the streets for no money at all. Even an around-town bike ride can be a lot of fun. Pick a park on the other side of town or call up a friend and tell them you're going to stop by then ride to their house. Bonus points if you convince your friend to peddle with you too.

Farmers Market Photo courtesy of Hip Mountain Mama

2. Hit the Farmer's Market - Sure, the farmer's market is a market. It is designed to sell you things, but you can go and just check it out. Farmer's Markets are great for people watching and these community events are full of nice people. You might run into an old friend or even strike up a conversation with a brand new friend. It's fun, I promise.

3. Take a Hike - Hiking is easy, fun and free - assuming you can find a trail without an entrance fee or parking fee. A few hours on the trail will help you clear your head and set your priorities. You're sure to have a great afternoon hike alone or invite a friend. Hiking with a friend allows you a few hours to chat and spend time together. Being outside just feels good, go for it.

hiking Share Your Adventure Photo by Edward Muckerman

4. Read a Book OUTSIDE - Reading is fun and enjoyable if you have the right book, but make the most out of the experience by reading outside. Yeah, lean up against a tree or turn some pages while relaxing in a hammock. The fresh air is good for you and the book will entertain you for hours as long as the weather is nice.

5. Join a Free Yoga Class - Many cities have free yoga classes popping up all over. Most of these classes meet in a park or other community space. These are a great way to get a little exercise and to meet some new people. Don't be afraid, give it a try.

6. Have a Campfire Cookout -  If you have a backyard fire pit or outdoor grill of some type, invite some friends over for a little evening fire. Ask them to bring marshmallows and hot dogs. You can provide the sticks. You'll have a fun little backyard meal and a few hours of entertainment.

7. Play in the Water - Go swimming. Many parts of the country have swim beaches that are free (check your local state parks, city parks and rec website, or other local resource for swimming opportunities). If you can't find a swim beach, head down to the river and cool down with your feet in the water. An hour spent listening to the river will help you relax. It's a great way to spend an afternoon.
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Andy Hawbaker
Andy is a hiker, backpacker, snowboarder and outdoor fanatic. When he isn't exploring the Rocky Mountains, burning marshmallows or scratching his dog behind the ear, he shares his experiences here on the Sierra Trading Post Blog.
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