Get Motivated in the Dead of Winter

This is it.  We're past the flow and excitement of the holidays and are now set for a few more months (give or take depending on where you are) of full-on winter.  This is the time of the year that people tend to have the hardest time getting outside and moving.  While the daylight is slowly increasing, it's still dark early and winter storms, snow, frigid temperatures and ice prove to be motivation obstacles for most of us.

Get motivated to get outside

Despite all that, the truth of the matter is that SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is often beat or at least improved by outdoor time.  And the more you can stay healthy by keeping your body moving, the happier you will tend to be.

Motivation to get outside

Here's some of our best tips to get outside and moving, even when it's the last thing you want to be doing.

  • Make a plan.  Schedule it into your day and stick to it.  Even a walk around the block at lunch time helps with the added benefit of Vitamin D from some good ol' fashioned sunlight.

  • Have an accountability partner.  While spouses, roommates and kids are good for it, someone that lives outside your home can be better — it's not as easy to cancel!

  • Try something new.  Often local gear shops will rent snowshoes and skis at a very reasonable rate for the day.  Challenge yourself and do it as a family!

  • Intimidated by new things?  Take a class.  Learn to alpine ski, skate ski, ice skate or snowshoe.  Classes are often offered as a group or individually.

  • Take advantage of weekends/days off.  While fitting in outdoor time during the week can be tough, take a couple hours or a full day on the weekends.  The benefits may last the whole week.

  • Give yourself a break.  Even 15 minutes is beneficial.  If that is all you can handle due to your own life demands or conditions, it's still something!

  • Check discount locations for getting set up with the right gear.  You don't need to go all out, but you'll be more comfortable and motivated if you are warm and able to move.  Sierra Trading Post is obviously a great option.  Craiglist and garage sales may surprise you too.

  • Just do it.  Work past the barriers in your mind and challenge yourself.  The benefits are worth it (and the winter goes by much quicker!)


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