How to Make Touchscreen Gloves

Cold weather requires bundling up but wearing gloves takes away the use of your touchscreen device. Don't freeze your hands just to send out a text message. Follow these simple instructions to make touchscreen gloves.


What you'll need:

  • A pair of gloves. Works best with thin gloves. Don't use waterproof gloves as the needle will damage the waterproof characteristics of the gloves.

  • Conductive thread. You can purchase conductive thread at many online retailers. The thread is somewhat expensive. You may want to make multiple pairs of gloves or the cost of the thread may prohibit the cost effectiveness of this project.

  • A needle

  • Scissors 

Get Started:

Start by carefully watching which parts of your finger and thumb you use on your touch screen. Now you know where to sew your touchscreen gloves for the most effective use. Turn the gloves inside out and sew a small area. You can sew a horizontal line or an X. You will want to have enough of the thread showing so it's conductive but keep in mind if you have too much surface area it will make typing specific letters more difficult.

How to make touchscreen compatible gloves Inside Of Glove

You don't have to have great sewing skills to make touchscreen compatible gloves. In fact, you'll want to leave some loose thread inside the glove to increase the conductivity.

Sew small patches on both the finger tip and thumb. Try the glove on and start texting.

touch screen gloves

Now you know how to make touchscreen gloves. If you decide to forgo the effort and cost of conductive thread, check out the touchscreen compatible gloves on Sierra Trading Post.

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