Make Your Own Boot Cuff

The best part about boot season is that it lasts a long time! Boots are adorable additions to just about any outfit and they are great for tromping through leaves and snow, win-win!

The one catch with boot season is the fact most closets only have room for so many boots and wearing the same four pairs of boots all winter can get boring. This is where fun, colorful boot cuffs come into play! If you're crafty enough to make your own you can easily spice up any outfit with a splash of color, completely distracting your coworkers from the fact it's the fourth time you've worn your comfy black boots this week!

DIY Boot Cuff

Before you settle down with Netflix to get crafty, there are a few things you'll need to set up within arm's reach [you know, so nothing interrupts your Gilmore Girl marathon!]. You probably have a few of this essentials around the house, the other ones can easily be procured at a craft store or thrift store!

DIY Boot Cuffs: Matierals

  • Scissors

  • Sewing needle

  • Basic thread

  • An old, colorful sweater with defined wristbands you're willing to sacrifice

DIY Boot Cuffs: Instructions

Once you're settled in, channel your inner craftster and get to work!

hUB-SweaterBootSocks-121514-1 hUB-SweaterBootSocks-121514-2 hUB-SweaterBootSocks-121514-3 hUB-SweaterBootSocks-121514-4 hUB-SweaterBootSocks-121514-5

Simple, right?! And the best part is the fact these boot cuffs aren't limited to just knee high boots and have absolutely no affect on the overall fit of your boots! We're so excited about these boot cuffs we even created a video with all the steps!
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