Momentum: Living an Active Life

There is something to be said about momentum. "An object in motion stays in motion" is accepted to be physically true, but it seems to apply to other aspects of life, too. I've observed the phrase to be especially valid when it comes to making the most of my days. If I spend just a little bit of time in the morning to figure out how to eliminate useless periods of rest, then I can usually fit everything I want into my schedule. If I stop, however, it takes much more effort to get going again.

Since Andy wrote about Choosing an Adventurous Lifestyle, I thought about how successfully I was achieving that mission. I had managed to go on several overnight snowshoeing trips and take my son out for long days at the park, all over a number of weekends. I felt good about that, but during the week it seemed I could do more. When I thought about why I didn't feel that I was making the most of my weekdays, I started noticing the times of transition in my day. The time after I got off work was the most important transition.

I noticed that I typically want to stay inside if I go home after work. I'm tired when I get home, and I just want to lounge around, eat some dinner and go to bed. If I go home after work, I lose all my momentum.

Run after work

To fix the problem, I started bringing my athletic clothes with me to work. When the day ends I immediately head out to the trailhead and go for a run. It's amazing how much an hour-long trail run can revitalize the human body. I bring my GPS and compete against myself to make it more fun for me. It helps me track my progress and have a solid reason to be consistent with getting out. Once I get back home, I'm no longer tired and can focus on taking care of things around the house a little faster. The best part is, at the very end of the day I even sleep a little better. It's all from eliminating that brief pause in my day when I get off of work.

You may be wondering, "What about dinner? What time do you finally eat dinner?" Lately I've been eating around 8:00 p.m., which may be too late for you. Pack lunch and dinner in the morning as you're preparing for your day. To be honest, I don't feel hungry when I'm active, and it doesn't even cross my mind. I'm too busy enjoying the outdoors.

Maybe you don't feel as passionately about trail running, cycling, snowshoeing or whatever as I do. That's fine. By focusing on eliminating the time in your day where things slow down, you can usually find the time needed to make the things you love happen more regularly. I choose the outdoors and maybe it's because I feel that spending years outside is going to play a major part of how I stay young. If you have something you enjoy doing and aren't doing it, I hope you make it happen and hope this helps.

What tips do you have for making the most of your days?

- Chris Martin is the Videographer for Sierra Trading Post and an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys climbing, mountain biking and hiking.
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Andy Hawbaker
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