Mossy Oak: Camo Pants - Wedding Gowns

If you thought Mossy Oak camouflage was just worn for hunting, think again...

Camo Wedding Dress

Last weekend, this mountain mama from West Virginia forwent the traditional white gown in favor of a Mossy Oak Break-Up wedding dress instead. That's right. She was married in a camouflage dress and veil.

Both Brook Davis and her husband, Jason Michael, are avid hunters and couldn't think of a better way to celebrate their union than with a hunting-themed wedding. The dress was a surprise for Michael, however, who had expected his bride to be wearing white. But don't think he was disappointed!

I just wonder how he spotted her walking down the aisle in all that camo. She must have been hard to make out.

If you'd rather use your Mossy Oak to hide out in the woods and fill your elk tag, we've got a great selection. If you'd like to make a dress out of it, just buy a few jackets and find a good seamstress.

Check out our Hunting Guide for info on camo, hunting gear and accessories.

We might not have camo wedding dresses (yet), but we do have a huge assortment of camouflage gear for all your hunting needs!
Andy Hawbaker
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