How to Do Mother's Day Like a Champ

She cooked for you, taught you most of what you know, took care of you when you were sick and is responsible for bringing you into this world. One day a year you get the chance to say "thanks mom," so don't screw it up. Follow these tips and handle Mother's Day like a champ.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Flowers and jewelry are nice but this year pick out a Mother's Day gift that lets mom know you're thinking about her and who she really is. If your mom enjoys being active in the outdoors, consider giving her some great new active wear clothing. If you don't want to buy clothing, consider something for the home or for her backyard. Or check out the below Mother's Day Gift Guide:

Mother's Day Gift Guide

1. Smith Optics Brooklyn Sunglasses - She always told you that your future was bright. Repay her with a pair of polarized lens sunglasses.

2. iota Large Beach Tote Bag - Headed to the beach, gym or book club, she could use a fashionable tote from her favorite child.

3. Chaco Updraft X2 Genweb Sport Sandals - She'll be ready for the trails, the beach or the mall in these comfy sandals.

4. Haiku Zip Wallet 2 - Recycled Materials - Mom always stayed on you about being organized. Send her a hip new wallet to help her keep her credit cards, grandkids' photos and (now that you're out of the house) spending cash organized.

5. Iron Stop Designer Wind Spinner - 10" - Chances are mom loves her patio, deck or flower garden. Help her spruce up her favorite outdoor space with a beautiful spinning decoration.

Mother's Day Discount

Non-Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

While Mother's Day gifts are important, every mother will tell you it's about spending time with her kids and being appreciated that's most important. Do these three things to surprise your mom this Mother's Day.
  1. Take a Hike/Walk : Spend a little time together in the outdoors. Whether it's a hike in a national park or just a walk around the block the exercise and the time spent together is invaluable.
  2. Have a Picnic : Spend Mother's Day sharing a meal by the lake or even in your backyard.
  3. Call and Say "Thank You" : If you don't live near your mother, don't just mail a card (late) or have the obligatory "Happy Mother's Day" call but actually say "Thank you." She'll appreciate it.
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