Not All Adventures Have to Be Big

**Take this small adventure with #TeamSierra blogger, Jessica, as she and her dogs hike to Franklin Falls outside of Seattle, Washington.**

I always dream of grand outdoor adventures. Sometimes though I am short on time, nursing an injury or hiking with a new dog and not sure how they'll do. In this case, it was all 3.

A couple of years ago my hubby took a winter Fatbiking trip up on Snoqualmie Pass. He found the Franklin Falls Trail and tried to find the falls but couldn't.

small Adventures

The following year, also in winter, we went back with the dogs. We hiked through the snow and found ourselves thinking "surely we have gone too far" and turned around without seeing the falls.

Last week we went back to the Franklin Falls trail determined to find the elusive 70-foot waterfall.

Honestly, I felt a little lame. This was not one of the big adventures I imagine myself doing. The Franklin Falls trail is only 2 miles round trip and the falls, although reported to be beautiful, are sandwiched in between the north and south bound lanes of Interstate 90.

This hike forced me to slow down and appreciate the little things. Often times I am on a mission to reach my destination and forget to look around. This day we had plenty of time. I strive to get the most adventure out of my trips as I can. In this case, the journey WAS the destination.

We found some cool looking fungi growing on the trees.

Fungi Franklin Falls

There were some really big, old-growth trees along the trail.

Falls 2

We found the falls this time. As it turns out, the last time we had stopped literally a few hundred feet before the trail descend to the falls. It was obscured by the deep snow last time but we've had a really low snowfall this year so the path was obvious.

I was thinking that the walk to the falls would be uneventful. Mostly, it was. The trail was well marked and easy. However, it was at this last part where we found the adventure.

The trail is cut into the side of a stone cliff and is only about 3 feet wide. The rocks get bathed in spray from the falls. That, combined with the little bit of snowfall we have gotten, coated the rock ledge with ice. The drop-off to the creek below was only about 10 feet but was big enough, and rocky enough at the bottom, that a fall would have been disastrous. Even with Yaktrax on our boots, the trail was very treacherous.

Even though the falls were close enough to the highway that you could hear the roar of the traffic, Franklin Falls was one of the best waterfalls I have seen.

small adventures with dogs

The waterfall plunges off a 72 foot cliff and the rocks surrounding it looked pretty draped with ice. We didn't get the best photo of it because it was cold, we were being sprayed with water, and we were trying to balance on the 3-foot wide, icy ledge with three Dachshunds. It didn't turn out too bad though.

This trip was a good reminder to me that you make your own adventure. Adventure doesn't have to be defined by climbing a big mountain or hiking so long and far that you are exhausted when you are done. Sometimes adventure is about taking your time, looking at things in a new way and noticing the small stuff.

Jessica Rhae Williams

-Jessica lives in Seattle with her husband and two miniature Dachshunds, Chester and Gretel, and loves hiking, traveling, photography and animals. Her blog, You Did What With Your Weiner, features two adventurous wiener dogs breaking stereotypes, having fun, staying active and fighting pet obesity. She also tweets about those Dachshunds.


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Jessica Rhae Williams
As a member of #TeamSierra, Jessica Rhae Williams receives promotional consideration from Sierra Trading Post. Jessica lives in Seattle with her husband and two miniature Dachshunds, Chester and Gretel, and loves hiking, traveling, and adventuring. Through her blog, You Did What With Your Weiner, she shares stories of climbing mountains, breaking stereotypes and living the good life with her dogs. She is founder of #AdventureDogChat and regularly tweets about hiking, fitness, and pets.
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