Great Outdoor Gift Ideas

Check out these great gift ideas for the hikers, campers and outdoorsmen and women on your holiday shopping list. Grab these deals at Sierra Trading Post because all of these items are alread 25 to 55% off the compared at prices plus every link in this post includes an additional 30% off discount.

The Gift of Winter Adventure

Gift of Snowshoes

A few months after dating a girl, she bought me a pair of snowshoes for Christmas. Now she's my wife. I can't guarentee this will work for you but it's worth a try. Who wouldn't want an excuse to advance their winter time adventures?

Outdoor Gift Ideas

hiking boots

Wheter you're shopping for your sister, your best friend or significant other, nothing will get as much use as a durable pair of hiking boots. It's an investment in their health, well-being and hopefully they'll invite you along for a hike.

The Gift of Food

backpacking meals

Do you have an avid backpacker on your list? One thing they're going to need is lightweight, easy to cook and delicous trail food. You don't have to worry about the right size or color but this gift will be appreciated when they're out in the backcountry doing what they love.

The Big Catch

Gift Guide

No matter what your family members are into, chances are Sierra Trading Post has the perfect gift. The angler in your family might appreciate a fishing vest, a new reel or waders. Give the gift of the outdoors and who knows, maybe they'll share the catch with you.

The Gift of Something New

Climbing Harness

Have you ever wanted to try something new but buying all of the gear was a deterent? Hello, Christmas gifts are the perfect way to take your new adventures to the next level. Has your buddy been bouldering at the gym for a while and is ready to gain some verticle. Buying a climbing harness, a rope or a pair of climbing shoes can really get them started on the way to many climbing adventures.

Gift of Warmth

fleece jacket

Warm is good. A lightweight fleece jacket can be worn on its own when hustling to work or class and it also becomes a great mid layer for winter weekend adventures. It's a great gift likely to get tons of use.

gift ideas

These are just a few gift ideas for those with an adventureous spirit. Check out Sierra Trading Post for hundreds of other great gifts too. Follow this link to take an additional 30% off your order: Great Gifts.


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