Outdoor Photography: How to Take Photos of Moving Water

Most outdoor enthusiasts love taking photos. A great photograph helps you preserve the memory of your outdoor adventure and it's fun to show it off to your friends. The better the photograph the better it helps tell the story so we'll offer up a few tips on how to take the best outdoor photos. We'll start with how to take photos of moving water.

How to Take Photos of Moving Water

To get that silky smooth water effect on your outdoor photos you'll need to adjust your camera's ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

  • ISO adjusts your camera's sensitivity to light. To achieve the milky water effect lower your ISO to 100.

  • Aperture is the amount of light your camera lets into the lens. The higher the number your aperture is set to the less light you let in. Since your shutter speed is slower you'll want to lessen the amount of aperture to balance the amount of light.

  • Shutter Speed is what makes this effect work. A shutter speed of a quarter second up to 5 seconds will give you the desired photography effect.

You'll need to test out a photo then adjust the shutter speed. Try taking the first photo with a quarter second shutter speed. If it looks choppy, try a longer shutter speed. You may have to go back and adjust the aperture after you change the shutter speed.

taking photos of moving water

If you have any questions on how to adjust your camera setting refer to your owner's manual.

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