Outdoor Photography Tips: How to Take a Photo of the Stars

Everybody loves a great photo of the stars. From a campsite you can capture an amazing shot of the night sky but you've got to know a couple photography tricks to make it happen. Watch the video or keep reading to learn these outdoor photography tips for taking pictures of the night sky.

How to Take a Photo of the Stars:

1. Get outside and as far away from light pollution as possible.

Photo of night sky Photo by Chuck Hilliard

2. Set shutter speed somewhere between 15 to 30 seconds. Any longer and you'll start to get streaks from the rotation of the earth. That's an entirely different type of photo.

3. Set aperture to the lowest setting. This will let in as much light as possible.

4. The ISO will depend on the shutter speed and aperture. Start by setting the ISO to 800. If the photo is too dark you'll need to increase the ISO. If it's too light knock it down to 700 or 600.

5. Set focus to infinity. Otherwise, the stars will be blurry.

Try these tips and you'll be capturing the beauty of the night sky like a professional photographer. If you snap a great shot be sure to enter it in our Share Your Adventure Photo Contest. You might win a $200 eGift card to Sierra Trading Post.

Photo Contest

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