Outdoor Retailer: What is the Big Deal?

Maybe you've heard some buzz this week about the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market happening in Salt Lake City, but do you know what it is all about? Sierra Trading Post sent two members of its social media team to Salt Lake City to check it out and see what is really going on at OR.

Outdoor Retailer is the largest outdoor focused trade show. It happens twice a year (Summer and Winter) and it is the place that many of the leading outdoor brands show off their new product lines. It is the place to see the latest advances in technology of athletic apparel, footwear and gear. It is the place that new brands go to try and make the connections it takes to get to the next level and it is where top brands strike deals with their retailers. Plus, Outdoor Retailer is the largest gathering of like-minded outdoor brands, buyers, marketers, bloggers and athletes.

ExOfficio at OR
The Sierra Trading Post Buyers meet with ExOfficio at Winter OR

We sat in on meetings with our buyers and some of the best outdoor brands. We got a first hand look at how deals are made at OR and how important relationship building is for our buying team. Sierra Trading Post sent 8 buyers, a couple managers and our President to Salt Lake City to meet with our key accounts. It is clear that OR isn't just hype. It is a place that business gets done.

Our buying team had meetings set up for every hour or even every half hour from 8 am until 6 pm. We looked at the hot new products, caught up with some old friends and enjoyed the relaxed and fun atmosphere that is Outdoor Retailer but mostly we just hustled back and forth across the Salt Palace for meetings with some key brands.

Robby Ringer shows off hot new products from IceBreaker

One thing we heard all day long is how much these brands appreciate the relationships they have with Sierra Trading Post. In most cases, we are these company's first choice in closeouts and they love how we make doing business so easy for them. Nearly every brand told us how they appreciate the way we present their brand and they are always excited to do more business with Sierra Trading Post.

That is good news for our customers and fans because I can tell you that we are definitely going to be getting in a lot of cool products in the near future. You can expect more hiking boots, running shoes, athletic apparel, casual clothing, backpacks and sleeping bags from all of the major outdoor brands. I can't give you any details but you can definitely expect more Great Deals on Great Brands at Sierra Trading Post.

I hope you enjoyed this look behind the scenes of the 2013 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. If you want to see an up to the minute look at OR, follow @sierratp on Twiiter for some live tweeting from inside the show. Or check back here as we plan to have more posts about some of the cool new products and industry trends we are seeing from inside the trade show.
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