Outdoorsy Moms: Why it's Important

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, we decided to feature some outdoorsy moms in a recent post. We know that all mothers love their children and try to raise their kids in the best way they know how, but I wanted to take a moment and talk about those moms who go out of their way to make sure their children learn to truly enjoy time outside.

When I'm asked why I love the outdoors so much, I always go back to the hikes, bike rides and family camping trips that I took as a child. Most of my greatest childhood memories were spent enjoying family time in the outdoors. My mother loved taking us kids to the beach, going for bike rides near the lake and even spending an afternoon in the backyard gardening as a family.

Outdoorsy Moms

It is those times in the outdoors as a child that has made me the outdoor enthusiast I am today. Now that I am a father, my wife and I take our kids hiking, snowshoeing, car camping and anything else we can think of to get the whole family outside. With that in mind, I put together this list of why it is important to get kids outside.

Outdoorsy Moms: Why it's Important

  • Kids look up to their mother and learn to value many of the same things their mother values. When your child sees you caring for nature, you are passing those values on to the next generation.

  • With childhood obesity at astonishing levels, it is important to show children how to have fun playing and exercising outdoors.

  • Studies show that children who limit their screen-time and play outdoors are healthier, happier and smarter than those who get less outdoor time.

  • You are building wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Do you want your children remembering you for always working and being busy or would you rather they look back and remember all of the time they spent with you in the outdoors.

  • Nature is the best classroom. Children can learn a lot from just observing nature. Have you spent an afternoon chasing bugs, examining flowers or playing in the river. There are many natural lessons children can learn in nature that are hard to capture in a text book.

  • It's fun. What is more fun than an afternoon of exploring? Your children will learn to love the outdoors and hopefully when they are grown, they will call you up to go for a hike.

Those are the reasons I think it is so important to be an outdoorsy mom and raise your children with plenty of outdoor play. Do you agree? Why do you spend time outside with your kids? I'd live to hear your ideas in the comments below.
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Andy Hawbaker
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