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Snowboarding every weekend has been a blast but a taste of warmer weather this week has me thinking about summer. Every year about this time I start thinking about summer time hiking, camping and backpacking. Those summertime activities will be here before you know it and if you don't plan ahead, the summer weather will pass by. Life often gets in the way of adventure. Avoid that by following these simple tips for planning for an epic summer.

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  • Mark adventures on your calendar now. Seriously, I fill my calendar out now through October with as many 'potential' camping trips as possible. By now you know if you are invited to a summer wedding, need to visit family or any other trips you'll have to take. Fill in the rest of the weekends with camping trips, backpacking trips and other adventures. You can be flexible if things come up or the weather is bad but you don't want to wait or your adventures will take a back seat to summer BBQs and local events.

  • Prioritize which adventures you most want to take. My family has a couple favorite trips we absolutely love. We like to experience these unique places over and over but sometimes you've got to try new adventures as you never know what you are missing out on. I try to pick a couple favorites and a couple new spots for family weekend camping trips.

  • Get your friends on board. It's hard to get people to commit too far in advance but now is a great time to call up a friend and say "Is this the summer we're finally going to climb...." So if you can, get your climbing buddy to agree to a weekend that might work and stay on them as it gets closer.

  • Know when to commit. Do you need a permit for that rafting trip down the grand canyon? When do you need to file for that elk tag? When does the popular campground start taking reservations. Get your permits or reservations now. Or figure out when you need to do it and make yourself a reminder.

  • Get the gear. Gear can get expensive depending on what you need. You've already paid for the ski pass and are done buying winter gear. Shift your focus to what you'll need this summer and start buying pieces now. You can spread the purchases out over the next few months so a whole new set of camping gear doesn't wreck your budget in June. Also, starting early gives you time to find the best deal on the gear you need. (Hint: click here for an additional 25% off Gear.)

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It is never too early to start planning for an epic summer. Plan now and this could be the summer of a lifetime. Do you have other tips for planning for adventure? Enter them in the comments below.
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Andy Hawbaker
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