How to Prepare for a Weekend Adventure

BIG adventures always seem to get all the hoopla and attention, it makes sense. It's fun to follow someone's adventure as they climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, trek to the North Pole, or take a yearlong road trip.

planning weekend adventures

For a lot of people, a big adventure is just out of the question due to work, family, "life," etc. The next best thing is to go on multiple weekend adventures. Anyone can go into the woods near their home on a weekend, but if you want to go on a big weekend adventure, there are a few things you should know.

These are just a few lessons I've learned while traveling 8+ hours, each way, in search of a weekend adventure.

Big Weekend Adventures

Have a plan but keep an open mind

My friend Steve Weiss said this in an interview and it's stuck with me. Make sure you have a plan, even an itinerary of what you want to do for the weekend. The kicker in this is that you can't be afraid to deviate from that plan. The weather might not cooperate, you may get a flat tire or someone might get sick, the list of things that can go wrong goes on and on. Just be flexible.

Keep it cheap

The cheaper the adventure is, the more adventures you can take. Rather than renting a hotel room, save some dough by camping out or staying at a hostel (after reading reviews, of course).

Cook your meals

One of the first things people cut out on a budget is eating out and the same principle should be applied here. Spending $5 at a fast food joint sounds like a steal, but who knows what goes in that food AND when you think about it, you could make a mess of pancakes for three people for about $5. Huge difference right there.

Sleep or party?

Remember that you're on a time crunch here. When there's daylight, don't waste it! Nighttime is when you're supposed to sleep, not party your face off. If you want to party hard, just stay home and hit the town with all the others. Word of advice, the car is a great place to sleep.

Travel comfortably

I just said that the car is a great place to sleep and that means you should be comfortable. Don't be afraid to take a bigger car or less people to be more comfortable. The extra couple bucks you're throwing at the gas tank could mean the difference between a relatively nice nights sleep or no sleep at all.

Weekend adventure camping

Pack light

This, in my opinion, is probably the most important suggestion I'm going to give you. The saying "less is more" actually holds true, especially in this case. The less stuff you have in your car, the more space you'll have to sprawl out to sleep. You'll also be rummaging through less stuff and will have less chance of losing something.

These are just a few of the things I've learned from my experience of taking big weekend adventures and there are countless additional tips.

Any tips you'd like to add? Enter them in the comments below.

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