How to Maintain a Fishing Rod: Rod and Reel Maintenance

Landing that prize winning trout requires you to have a rod and reel set up that is in good condition. You can increase the longevity of a rod and reel and keep it performing at optimal level with just a few minutes of maintenance. Watch this quick video for tips on how to maintain a fishing rod.

Rod and Reel Maintenance

Do these quick things to keep your fishing rod in the best working condition:

  • Clean the rod- Use a damp rag to wipe down the rod and remove any debris. Pay special attention to the guides as they are most likely in need of a cleaning.

  • Clean the reel seat- Wipe down the reel seat especially the threads. Keeping this area clean will ensure a tight lock is made when attaching the reel.

  • Wipe down the reel- Wipe down all exterior surfaces with a damp rag. Use a toothbrush to get a deep clean in all of the nooks and crannies.

  • Add oil to all moving parts- Remove the spool. Add a drop of oil to the spindle and place a drop inside the spool. Put it all back together and move all parts to work in the oil.

Rod and reel maintenance

It only takes a few minutes to do these simple fishing rob maintenance techniques. If you do this maintenance regularly you will keep your rod performing well for years to come.

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