Shallow Depth of Field - Outdoor Photography Tips

Ready to take your outdoor photography to the next level? We've got a great tip to improve your outdoor photos. Today's tip is how to achieve shallow depth of field or how to have one item in focus while the background is out of focus. Watch this quick video or keep reading to learn this outdoor photography trick.

How to Achieve Shallow Depth of Field

  • Aperture - Choose the widest aperture available on your camera. A wider aperture will have a smaller number. Try setting it to f 2.8 or f 1.4.

  • Subject-to-camera distance - Bring the subject as close to the lens as possible while still maintaining the framing you desire. You can increase the effect by increasing the distance between the subject and the background.

  • Focal Length - The longer the length of your lens the better depth of field you'll capture. You can still accomplish a shallow depth of field with a point and shoot camera but you'll need to use your cameras zoom to increase the effect.

Shallow Depth of Field

Try it out and let us know what you think of this photography tip in the comments below. Want more helpful outdoor photography tips? Check these out:

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