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*Disclaimer- I am employed by Sierra Trading Post but the opinions in this article truly are my own.

I'm the father of two girls ages 9 and 6 years. We live on the Colorado Front Range where we love exploring the mountains. Before kids, I lived as a ski bum and slowly transitioned into someone who only skis on the weekends. Because of our young children, busy schedules and the high cost of skiing as a family we've taken a few years away from the slopes. But that is over. This year I bought a family season pass to Eldora Mountain Resort.

Heck yeah! I'm stoked to drag the kids up to the mountain every weekend, on days off around the holidays and of course I'm also excited to run up to the hill on a few days when the kids are at school.

Forking over the money for the family ski pass was a no-brainer. Have you looked at the cost of a one-day lift ticket? Geez. Snagging a season pass is only a little more than a handful of single day passes plus it gives us the luxury to go as many times as we can stand.

But wait, the ski pass is only part of the expense you have to consider when skiing as a family. Now I had to outfit both of my daughters with winter gear. Those cheap jackets from Target aren't going to cut it when dad's pushing the kids on for one last run. I had to get them the best gear possible without breaking the bank.

Sierra Trading Post discounts My youngest daughter preparing to crank out some turns.

Obviously, I turned to Sierra Trading Post. The selection of kids gear at Sierra Trading Post can be hit or miss. You've got to keep your eye out because at these prices, the kids' stuff sells fast. Luckily, I knew we would be skiing this season so I had months to handpick the items we really needed.

In July I spotted a 40% off discount on the STP Facebook Page. (That's right, occassionally the deals on our Facebook or Twitter are even better than the employee discount.) I picked up two pairs of kids goggles and some ski helmets at a huge discount. Throw in a pair of SmartWool Ski Socks for everyone and the whole family is starting to get stoked for the season.

Then it happened again - a 40% off coupon code on Facebook. I rounded out the must have list for ski season. Check this out, I snagged a pair of kids' Terramar microfleece base layers for less than $12 each, a Columbia Windproof Shell for $13, and I got my wife a pair of polarized Native sunglasses for $34.

I've worked for Sierra Trading Post for about a year and a half, and now that I'm looking back at the gear I've picked up for my family, I'm blown away. What's even more amazing is that I've never even used my employee discount because the deals we offer the public through our social media channels are even better than what I get for working here. (Yeah, you can snag amazing deals, too.)

How do you take advantage of these deals? Click this link to save an additional 25% off gear now or Follow our Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to get the latest deals. Who knows, maybe that 40% off code will happen again today.
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Andy Hawbaker
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