Simple DIY Paracord Sunglasses Lanyard

Keeping your sunglasses nearby while exploring the outdoors is key to summer success. This is where a homemade sunglasses lanyard (something similar to Croakies) comes in handy. Sunglasses straps keep your shades attached to your head so you don't lose them while you're adventuring outside.

We have some simple DIY sunglasses lanyard instructions that only require paracord and some knot-tying know-how.

DIY Paracord Sunglasses Lanyard Materials

Sunglasses lanyard materials
  1. Paracord (3 feet)
  2. Lighter
  3. Sunglasses

Step 1

Take a 3 foot section of paracord and cut it in half. Use your lighter to singe the ends of the freshly cut paracord.

Step 2

Tie a figure 8 knot in both sections of paracord. Start by pinching together the paracord to create a loop.

Figure 8 (1)

Wrap the working end of the paracord over the pinched section.

Figure 8 (2)

After you make one full wrap around the pinched section, take the working end and feed it through the loop. The working end should go down through the loop from the top (think of it diving into a pool rather than popping out of the water).

Figure 8 (3)

Pull the knot to tighten it, but it shouldn't be tied too tightly. You'll need to be able to pass more paracord through part of this knot.

figure 8 (4)


figure 8 (5)

Step 3:

Take the knotless end of each piece of paracord and feed it through the figure 8 knot. Be sure to feed it through the bottom loop of the knot.

Figure 8 lace

Figure 8 lace 2

Once both ends of the paracord have been fed through the figure 8 knots, your DIY sunglasses lanyard should look something like the image below. You should be able to slide the figure knots together and apart easily by pulling on the paracord.

Figure 8 lace finish

Step 4

Tie a sliding loop knot in each working end of the paracord. Start by crossing the working end of the paracord over the standing end.

noose start

Bring the working end up toward the top of the loop and pinch the paracord together. Pinching the paracord should create a top and bottom loop.

Noose start 2

Take the working end from behind and wrap it around the top loop.

Noose start 3

Wrap the working end around the top loop once more, making sure to wrap it down toward the bottom loop you are holding.

Noose start 4

Finish by feeding the working end of the paracord down through the bottom loop.

Noose start 5

When you're finished, your knot should look like the image below.

Noose Finish

Step 5

Whew! Now that you've successfully created two sliding loops, it's time to attach this bad boy to your sunglasses. Attach the sunglasses lanyard by loosening each sliding knot so it fits over the arm of your sunglasses. Secure each loop by tightening it on the arm.

Noose secure

Step 6

The hard work is finished. Now all you need to do is put on your shades and adjust the sunglasses lanyard so it fits to your liking.

Finished with shades

So stylish.

Sunglasses Lanyard Finished

Now get out there and enjoy the sun!
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