The Joys of a Snowless Winter

**Please welcome Heidi Henry as a guest writter on the Social Hub**

Growing up in the state of Ohio, I've experienced my fair share of frigid winters and learned to embrace the cold. As a kid I looked forward to snow days full of sledding and weekend trips to one of the two ski resorts northern Ohio had to offer.  Once I grew older, I became less tolerant of the snow and cold. Now that I live in Phoenix, Arizona, I must admit I don't miss the snow one bit! If you're a snow-lover and powder-seeker it may be surprising to hear that. While you may love snow there are just as many of us that prefer our snowless winters.


I'll be the first to admit that there's a certain amount of peace that comes from running in the snow. However, add in blizzard-like conditions with wind and knee-deep snow and that serenity goes out the window. In Ohio, I oftentimes found myself in up to 4 layers as I battled the elements in order to get in my training runs. As runners up north are battling the elements to get in their training for their spring races, we're enjoying the heart of racing season here in the Valley.

Winter in Arizona

Yes, it does get chilly here in Arizona but we don't need a vast array of outdoor clothing or gear, especially if it's versatile. In addition, our elements rarely fluctuate so we don't have to worry about adding traction to our shoes or falling on our bums if we hit an unexpected patch of ice.

While most outdoor people in Arizona stay active year-round, essentially our winter is like northern summers. Yes the heat of the desert summer is pretty hot, but knowing we get to enjoy a beautiful winter season is what makes it all worth it. Once the temperature dips below 85-90 degrees you'll find more and more people out and about being active. So instead of looking at expected snowfall and conditions at a ski resort we're deciding what distance and difficulty for our hike, ride, or run on one of the countless trails to choose from.

Sure we love our snowless winters but what happens if we want a little snow action?  No worries! Phoenix stands at just over 1,000 feet above sea level and Flagstaff at 7,000 feet, which means all we have to do is take a quick 2 hour drive north to play in the snow or hit the slopes.  The best of both worlds!


Heidi Henry

-Heidi Henry is a vegan, an adventure-seeker, traveler and lover of the outdoors. Learn more from her on her site: Banana BuzzBomb.
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