Sunburn Remedies: 4 Ways to Care for a Sunburn

One thing you should never forget on an outdoor adventure or day at the beach is sunscreen. No matter how much you know about the effects of sunburn on your skin, we all occasionally forget to wear sunblock. When this happens you'll want to follow these sunburn remedies to properly care for a sunburn.

4 Natural Sunburn Remedies

  • Aloe Vera - Apply the inner gel of the aloe vera plant directly onto the burned area. The cool relieving gel actually causes blood vessels to constrict which will relieve the pain and reduce the redness of the burned area.

  • Hydrate - In burning your skin, the sun dried out your skin. By drinking plenty of water, your body will rehydrate the skin which will reduce the dry itchy feeling and hydration will help your skin heal.

  • Apply a cool wet washcloth - You can soothe the burning sensation by applying a cold compress. Instead of shocking the system with an icepack, use a cool washcloth. You can soak the washcloth in a baking soda/water mixture to better soothe the pain. Oatmeal also has anti-flammatory properties. Consider applying oatmeal to the skin then place the cool wet cloth over it.

  • Cornstarch - Sometimes the worst burned areas are right along clothing lines such as a bikini strap or a neck collar. Applying cornstarch to the skin can help reduce the chaffing and allow you to go about life more comfortably.

Sunburn Remedies Photo by Rob

Next time wear clothing with UPF protection, apply plenty of sunscreen and reduce the amount of time you're in the direct sun to prevent sunburn. Hopefully the above sunburn remedies will help you reduce the pain associate with the sunburn. After reading our 4 ways to care for a sunburn, do you have any other sunburn remedies you'd like to share? Enter your sunburn remedy ideas in the comments below.
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