Tee-Va or Teh-Va: Do You Know How to Pronounce These Brand Names?

The outdoor industry is filled with many difficult to pronounce brand names. Some of these brands come from other parts of the world while others just seem to pick words and spellings that are hard to say. I sat down with one of our buyers and compiled this list of hard to pronounce outdoor industry brand names. I'll admit there are more than a couple of these that I've been saying wrong for years.

Do you think you know your outdoor brands? Take the test. See how many of these 20 brands you've been saying correctly.

Teva ------ teh-va.
Mammut ------ ma-moot (with the emphasis on the second syllable)
Arc'teryx ------ arc-tear-icks
Vibram ------ vee-bram
Asolo ------ oz-o-low

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Orage ------ o-raj
Thule ------ tool-ee
Deuter ------ doy-ter
Millett ------ mee-yay
Sanuk ------ sa-nook

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Katadyn ------ cat-a-dine
Voile ------ vo-lay
Rossignol ------ roz-in-yol
Gramicci ------ gra-meechee
Saucony ------ sock-on-y

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Fjallraven ------ fee-al-ray-ven
Pearl Izumi ------ pearl i-zoom-ee
DaKine ------ dah-kine (kine like line)
Haglofs ------ hog-lof(t)s
Leki ------ lay-key

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Did you get them all correct? Comment below to let us know how you did. Then quiz your friends.
Andy Hawbaker
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Andy Hawbaker
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