29 Things Your Mother Told You (And Was Right) About the Outdoors

Moms are great at telling us what to do. Your mother probably taught you a lot about the outdoors and life in general. Sometimes it felt like nagging but here is a list of things your mother told you about the outdoors, don't make us tell you again.

1. Always go to the bathroom before you start a hike.

2. Remember that time Uncle Carl did that one thing and got hurt? Don't do that.

3. Bring enough snacks to share.

4. Tie your shoes tight. Even double knot them.

5. Always wear sunscreen.

6. You aren't going to wear that ratty old t-shirt are you?

7. Bring a jacket.

8. Be more like your sister (brother).

9. Tell someone where you're going.

10. Be careful.

11. Leave wildlife alone.

12. Don't litter.

13. Bring a healthy snack.

14. Don't stay out too late.

15. Call when you get back.

16. Always stay on the trail.

17. Wear a helmet (biking, climbing, etc.)

18. Be careful.

19. No horsing around.

20. Call if you need anything.

21. Drink plenty of water.

22. Reapply sunscreen.

23. Stay out of the mud.

24. Get a good night's rest the night before.

25. Park your car in a safe place and always lock your doors.

26. Be careful.

27. Be polite to people you meet on the trail.

28. Check the weather before you go.

29. Hurry up and don't go too fast.

camping with mom Photo by Andrew Malone


What else did your mom tell you to do? Tell us in the comments below.

It turns out she was right about all of those things. This Mother's Day is a great time to give her a call and just say thanks.

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