5 Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites

Don't let your summer fun be ruined by pesky mosquitoes. There are many ways to avoid mosquito bites. From applying natural insect repellent to reducing the risk of being bitten, below you'll find all of our tips for safely keeping mosquitoes and insects at bay.

Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites

An insect repellent containing DEET is the most effective way to keep mosquitoes from biting you, however, studies show that DEET may cause health problems such as deterioration of brain cells. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) suggests using insect repellents with no higher concentration of DEET than 50%. Here are some other ideas to safely and naturally avoid mosquito and insect bites.

  • Drain standing water around your backyard or avoid camping near standing water. Mosquito eggs are laid on standing water. Staying in dry areas will reduce the number of mosquitoes you'll encounter.

  • Wear long sleeve shirts and pants to cover your skin and choose light colored clothing because mosquitoes are attracted to black, dark blue and red. Wear insect repelling clothing such as clothing from Columbia Sportswear or ExOfficio.

  • Relax. Mosquitoes are attracted to movement, body heat and carbon dioxide. Avoid activity in mosquito zones to not attract the pests.

  • Avoid early morning and evening outdoor activities during peak mosquito season. Mosquitoes are most active from dusk to dawn.

  • Wear essential oils such as aloe vera, lavender or peppermint. Each of these scents repels insects while flowery perfumes may actually attract them.

Ways to avoid mosquito bites Photos by John Tann

I hope you found these tips helpful so you can comfortably avoid insects all summer long. For more information on natural insect repellents, read our post on 8 Safe Ways to Repel Mosquitoes and Other Bugs.

Do you have any natural insect repellents you'd suggest using this summer? Enter your natural and safe mosquito repellent ideas in the comments below.
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