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Over the past year I've come to the realization that I'm the epitome of a weekend warrior. Put simply, I'm someone that works a Monday through Friday 9-5 job with limited time at night and on the weekends to get outside and have fun.

Do you have to work a Monday through Friday 9-5 job to be considered a weekend warrior?

I define the term as someone who has other commitments (work, school, taking care of the kids, etc.) and has a limited amount of time during the week to have fun doing what they love doing like: hobbies, sports, spending time with friends and family, etc. Know that your weekend doesn't have to be Saturday and Sunday. It could be Tuesday and Thursday or Sunday and Monday, basically whenever you have a day to yourself would be considered as your weekend. So the answer is, no.

Weekend Surf

Since I started working full-time just over a year ago, I noticed a lot of people saying their weekend just "slipped away" or that they didn't have enough time to have fun/get things done. I think that's a pitiful excuse because there's so much time to get things done and have fun on the weekends. In my opinion you just have to be proactive with your weekends.

I understand that everyone's "wired" different, but in order to make the most of your weekend you've got to have some kind of motivation. That's why it's best to plan your weekends in advance. If you're the planning type then you're already on board for this. However, if you just like to "go with the flow" I get that, because that's how I am, but that's also how you end up sitting at home all weekend watching a Breaking Bad marathon.

Making the most out of the weekend- Slackline

It's real simple, if you're the planning type you know you're going to have your weekend planned to the "T" and I don't have to go into detail about what to do. I will say this though, allow for some flexibility, when you plan something outside you should know the weather could ruin your plans. In that case, take the hit and figure out something else to do. Now if you want to go with the flow, just have a broad idea and a motivator of what you want to do that weekend. For instance, during the summer I'm always at the beach every Saturday because I love to surf and that's my only day to surf. Knowing that Saturday's my only opportunity to surf, I'm therefore motivated to go to the beach every Saturday.

So what about some R&R time?

Well, it really depends on the person. Personally, nights are my time to just chill and get reenergized. That being said, I'm typically in bed pretty early (by most standards) and it works out because I try to get up early over the weekend. That might sound crazy, but the waves typically go sour in the afternoon and the summers are super hot in Florida, so for me it's best to get up early to catch some good waves and maybe ride my bike before the it gets too hot.

I've also found that Sunday afternoons are a great time for some R&R. There's usually some sort of game on to keep you entertained and it's a great time to reflect on the previous week and figure how you can kick next week in the pants.

Weekend Warrior Rock Climbing

We all have chores, so when do those get done?

After work during the week is a great time to take care of those pesky chores. You can probably even get a lot of outdoor chores done after work during the summer as well since it doesn't start getting dark until about 7:30pm or so.

It's a very simple process that involves finding what works best for you. Like I mentioned earlier, we're all wired different so have fun with what you do and enjoy figuring out what works best for you.

How do you make the most of your weekends?

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