Choosing a Softshell Jacket

Softshell jackets tend to be more comfortable, more breathable and they make less noise when you move than a hardshell jacket. There are a ton of softshell jackets on the market so how do you know how to choose a softshell jacket? We've broken down the Marmot brand softshells so you can easily tell which jacket is right for you. Continue reading or watch this helpful video to find the best softshell for you.

To choose a softshell jacket you'll first want to consider the intended activity you'll use this jacket for and the weather conditions you'll likely experience.

If you expect to wear the jacket during intermittent activities in wet and cold conditions you'll be best off in the Marmot M1 series jackets. These jackets offer the highest level of water resistance and weather protection.

If you expect to use the Marmot softshell jacket in a wide range of activities in mostly moderate weather conditions, look to the Marmot M2 Series. The M2 Series offers a great mix of breathability, water resistance and thermal protection.

Lastly, the M3 Series softshell jackets are ideal for high aerobic activities in dryer, milder conditions. The M3 jackets have the highest amount of breathability but offer less warmth and water resistancy than the M1 or M2 jackets.

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