Tips for Choosing a Winter Jacket

Whether you're commuting to work, skiing or out on a winter camping trip, the right winter jacket can make all of the difference. When you're comparing winter jackets you should keep in mind the activity you be doing in the jacket, how much moisture you expect to encounter, what type of insulation you prefer and of course, the style of the coat.

Watch this quick video featuring #TeamSierra member Heather (@AColoradoGal) with tips on how to make the best winter jacket choice.

How to Choose a Winter Jacket

  • Activity - If you plan on wearing a jacket for higher aerobic activities like snowshoeing, hiking or cross country skiing, you'll want to wear more thin layers so you can adjust your temperature as your body heat increases. If you need a winter jacket to wear to the bus stop or to watch a football game, you'll want a heavier jacket that will keep you warm while you aren't creating your own heat.

  • Moisture - If you'll be in wet conditions you definitely want to go with a waterproof jacket. A water resistant jacket may provide enough protection for conditions when you don't expect a lot of precipitation.

  • Insulation - Think about the type of insulation you'll need to keep warm. Down jackets are great because of they're light weight, easily packable and provide great warmth. However, you want to consider a synthetic insulation if you will be getting wet. (More tips: Down vs. Synthetic)

  • Style - Obviously, you'll want to consider the style, color and fit of the jacket. You will want to select a jacket that you'll actually want to wear. Looking good and feeling good in the jacket will help you get more use out of the jacket.

Those are the basic tips you need to know when choosing a winter jacket. Keep those considerations in mind and you'll select the perfect winter jacket.

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