Hinge, Tail... Do You Know This Outdoor Lingo?

Terms for outdoor gear and sports could easily fill a dictionary of their own. Earlier this month we started a game to see how well-versed you are in outdoor industry terminology, or outdoor lingo, as we like to say. We list a handful of words associated with one outdoor activity or piece of outdoor gear, and you tell us what sport or gear these words are associated with.

Our first installment of this game was pretty easy, so we're kicking it up a notch. These five words are all associated with one outdoor sport or piece of gear:

Frame — You know, the thing that outlines everything else?

Deck — No need to shovel this deck, but it was designed with a weather element in mind.

Hinge — Your mobility hinges on this feature.

Tail — Just like on dogs, these tails come in different shapes and sizes.

Crampons — Watch out! These can be aggressive. But they're usually just trying to help.

Know the answer? Tell us in the comments! And be sure to check in every other Saturday for outdoor lingo trivia.
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Lauren Seidl
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Lauren enjoys hiking, camping, climbing and exploring the outdoors. She's always up for trying something new, especially if it involves getting outside. When Lauren isn't out finding adventures in her home state of Colorado, she can be found writing as Sierra Trading Post's blogger.
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