How to Size Ski Poles

Do you know how to properly size ski poles? Many skiers spend a lot of time searching for the best set of downhill skis, a great set of ski bindings and even the best fitting pair of ski boots but people often overlook the importance of the right sized ski poles. Ski poles aid in a skiers ability to make tight turns, they provide stability and they become an important tool when you are stuck in the flats. The right pair of ski poles must be strong enough to support your weight, flexible enough to withstand a fall and the right length to provide the top performance while you are on the slopes.

Whether you are a first time skier or an experienced veteran looking to improve your skiing performance, the right skiing equipment will help improve your performance on the ski slopes. The following video provides a step by step guide to teach you how to properly fit your ski poles. Please watch the video for tips on fitting your ski gear then follow this link to review a chart that will help with ski pole sizing: Ski Pole Sizing Guide.

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