How to Fit Ski Boots

Learn how to fit ski boots to maximize warmth, comfort and performance on the slopes. If you have a proper fitting ski boot your feet will stay comfortable and you'll be able to effectively make turns which will help you make the most out of a day on the mountain. Watch the below ski boot video or follow the written directions to learn how to fit ski boots.

Unlike most footwear, ski boots don't come in regular shoe sizes. Most ski boot brands list their boots size by utilizing the Mondo Sizing Scale. Luckily, the Mondo Scale is equal to the size of your foot in centimeters. So, to begin sizing for ski boots, you'll want to start by measuring your foot.

To get an accurate measurement, place the heal of your foot against a wall or place a mark on the ground at the edge of your heel. Next make an additional mark at the edge of your big toe. Now measure the total number of centimeters. Compare the number of centimeters and suggested shoe size in the chart below.

mondo sizing charge

Now that you know the proper ski boot size, you can try it on. It's smart to try on your new ski boots with the same socks that you'll be wearing on the slopes. Also, try your ski boots on in the afternoon when your feet are their largest.

First, pull the liner out of the ski boot, then slip your foot into the shell. Slide your foot all the way to the toe edge of the boot. Now reach into the back of the boot with one hand. You should be able to fit two fingers between your heel and the boot.

Once you put the liner into the boot and try it on again, you might find that your toes are up against the edge of the boot. That is okay because as you flex in the boot your toes will pull away from the edge of the boot. The most important thing is that the heel fits tightly in the heel box. If the heel lifts up, the ski boots are too large for you.

That is how you fit ski boots. For more information on properly fitting ski gear, head over to the Sierra Trading Post Alpine Skiing Buying Guide, Layering Guide or Winter Clothing Guide.
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