How to Fit Snowboard Boots

Learning how to fit snowboard boots is an important skill for maximizing comfort and performance on the slopes. Boots that fit too tightly will limit your circulation, making it easier for your feet to get cold. A large boot won't support your foot the way it needs to, which will make it harder to ride all day long. Check out this video or read the directions below on how to fit snowboard boots to make sure your feet stay comfortable even during the longest days of shredding.

Snowboard boots come in shoe sizes just like your running shoes, hiking boots or casual shoes. Start with the shoe size you normally wear. Once you try on the snowboard boots you might find that the boots feel tighter than your normal street shoes, and that's okay. Snowboard boots should fit kind of tight but it's important that you can wiggle your toes a little bit. It's also important that the boots are tight enough that your heel won't pull up out of the heel box at all.

Even if your toes are slightly touching the edge of the boots, you'll be fine because when you lean into the toe edge, your toes will pull away from the boot. It is likely that the boot liner will pack out a bit to create a little more room as the day goes on. Be sure to check for any pressure points or anything that will cause discomfort during a day on the slopes.

That is the basic information you need to know how to fit snowboard boots. Learn more in our Snowboarding Guide or other Buying Guides.
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