How to Put on Snowshoes

Snowshoeing is a fun and easy outdoor winter activity. The only thing you need to know to snowshoe is how to put on snowshoes properly. If you follow the below tips, you'll know how to wear snowshoes for the highest level of performance and you'll protect them from damage. Watch the below video for some quick tips on how to put on snowshoes.

Putting on snowshoes is as easy as finding which snowshoe goes on which foot. Most manufacturers provide an R or L on the snowshoe so it is easy to know the difference. Once you are deep enough into the snow to protect the crampons and base of your snowshoes from damaging pavement or rocky trails place the snowshoes on the ground, loosen the straps and slide your foot into the binding.

To wear the snowshoes properly, you'll want to place the ball of your foot right on the hinge of the snowshoe. Be careful not to place your foot in so far that your toe hits the decking or the hinge will not work properly.

To tighten the binding straps you'll want to first tighten the toe strap. To do this, pull the strap so it is snug but be careful not to over-tighten the straps as over-tightening the straps could limit circulation in your feet. After the toe strap is tight, then tighten the heel strap and lastly, tighten the instep strap.

how to wear snowshoes

That is how to put on snowshoes properly. Now you are ready to head out into the deep snow for an enjoyable snowshoeing experience. If you'd like to learn more about snowshoeing, check out our additional snowshoeing blog post on why you should snowshoe and the best snowshoe experience. For more tips on choosing the right snowshoe check out the Sierra Trading Post Snowshoe Guide.
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