How to Size a Ski Helmet

These days a ski helmet is a necessity for a day on the slopes. Ski and snowboard helmets can help prevent injuries from falls and collisions on the ski runs as well as protection from running into trees. A ski helmet can save you from serious head injuries plus they can help keep your head warm on cooler days but first you have to know how to size a ski helmet. If you are wondering what size ski helmet you need, follow these direction to find the right size.

The easiest way to find your ski or snowboard helmet size is to measure your head with a soft fabric measuring tape. Start at the center of your forehead about an inch above you eyebrows and run the tape around the largest part of your head. To do this, run the tape just above your ears and around to your forehead. It's best to measure your head in centimeters because the smaller units will give you a more accurate measurement.

Ski helmet manufactures will likely list the helmet size in centimeters but if you need your measurement in inches you can divide the measurement you got by 2.54 to convert it to inches. While in a store or shopping online, you'll want to find the helmet that comes in a size as close to your measurement as possible.

When trying the helmet on, slide it on and be sure to keep it above your eyebrows. Fasten the chin strap but be sure to leave enough room to slide your thumb under the strap. You'll want the helmet to fit fairly snug but not too tight. Also, be careful to avoid a helmet that is too loose. A loose helmet may move around on your head and may even slide down over your eyes.

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