How to Store Skis and Equipment for the Summer

Sadly, the ski season is coming to an end and it's time to put all of your ski and snowboard equipment away until next year. It's important that you know how to store skis properly so they'll be ready to go next ski season. The following tips will save you money and keep your gear in top shape.

Storing Your Skis

The most important thing to consider when storing your skis for the summer is that they are completely cleaned and dried out. You'll want to remove all dirt off of the bases to keep those dirt particles from damaging the base. Once the base is clean and dry, apply a coat of wax but don't scrape off the excess wax. This extra layer will keep dirt and moisture off of your skis or snowboard and will reduce the risk of rust forming on your edges.

If you store skis in a ski bag, be sure that the bag is completely free of water or moisture. Use a ski ski wrap to connect your skis together. Wrapping them together prevents then from scissoring which can damage the edges. It is also best to hang skis in a ski rack. If you lean a pair of skis against a wall, you run the risk of dulling the edges.

How to store skis

Storing Ski Boots

Be sure to completely dry out your ski boot liner before you store your boots for the summer. Pull the ski boot liner out and let it dry completely then place it back inside the boots. Store your boots in a cool, dry place with low humidity. If you live in a high humidity area, place crumbled up newspaper inside the boots to absorb some of the moisture.

Storing other Snow Gear

Hang up your poles to prevent them from being bent by falling gear, place your dried goggles inside a cloth bag to prevent them from getting scratched and wash your hats and gloves.

Now is a great time to reapply DWR waterproofing to your ski jacket or outer shell. A good wash with a DWR water repellant will improve the water resistancy of your jackets and help you get the most out of the next ski season.

How to Store Skis Conclusion

I hope you found these tips on how to store your ski and snowboard equipment to be helpful. Taking good care of your ski gear will prolong its life and keep you skiing at top performance. If you have any additional tips to add, let us know in the comments.

Enjoy your spring and summer activities!
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