Keep Your Gloves and Mittens Safe While Skiing

Sometimes when you're skiing you need to remove your gloves or mittens to do things that require more finger dexterity. Stopping for a snack, water break or photo op all require you to take off your glove or mittens.

But throwing your mittens on the ground during these breaks can result in wet or lost mittens. The armpit tuck, teeth grab or pocket shove could all be viable solutions, but our go-to mitten holder is the good old fashioned ski pole.

Simply wedge your ski poles into the snow and fit your glove or mitten on top of it. Now you have an instant mitten holder. This method is great because it's a completely hands-free way to keep your gloves or mittens dry and in sight when you need to take them off for quick breaks on the hill.

Heather of Just a Colorado Gal gives us an example of this quick tip in action.

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