Prevent Water from Freezing: Blow it Out Your Hose

Staying hydrated in the winter is just as important as staying hydrated in the warmer months, but sometimes extreme weather can make this hard to do. One risk of exploring in frigid temperatures or at high altitude is freezing water. Frozen water can quickly put you in a dangerous situation, especially if you're exerting a great deal of energy. We have a simple solution to prevent freezing for all you snowshoers, skiers and winter hikers using hydration bladders to fuel your fun: blow it out your hose.

This is advice we're giving you, not a snarky response to complaints about the cold. Water in your hydration bladder's hose is likely to be the first to freeze. Prevent this water from freezing (and protect yourself from the risks of dehydration) simply by blowing the water from your hose back into your bladder's reservoir after you take a sip.

Some snowsport backpacks have a zippered section on the shoulder strap meant to store and insulate your hydration bladder's hose. Some hydration bladders have insulation around the hose to help prevent freezing. While these methods work to prevent frozen water, if you don't have these features or want to be extra cautious, we still recommend blowing it out your hose. (Plus, this method is the most fun to say.)

Blowing water out of your hydration bladder's hose after each drink is also a great method to use in the summer. It will keep water in the hose from getting too warm, preventing that gross first sip of water after you've been hiking in the sun for a while. Just be careful not to blow too much water back into your reservoir; doing so will add air to your hydration bladder and cause an annoying sloshing sound as you hike.

See this tip in action by hitting play on the video below!

What do you think? Will you use this method next time you're out for a hike with your hydration bladder?
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