Run, Bowl... Do You Know This Outdoor Lingo?

How well do you know your outdoor terminology? The outdoor industry is full of crazy lingo, and we're creating a series to test your knowledge. Check in with us every other Saturday for an outdoor lingo trivia game. We'll list a handful of words associated with one outdoor activity or piece of outdoor gear, and you'll tell us what sport or gear those words are associated with. If you're feeling extra eager, you can define these terms or use them in a sentence.

Ready to play? We'll start you off with a simple one. These five words are all associated with one outdoor sport. Tell us which sport in the comments!

1. Run - In this sense it's a noun, not a verb.

2. Carve - We aren't talking about pumpkins. Or turkeys.

3. Bowl - Not meant for breakfast foods.

4. Groomed - Believe it or not, it does make sense for a cat to do the grooming.

5. Bluebird Day - It's the best kind of day!
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Lauren Seidl
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