How Well Does Your Ski Gear Fit? Ski Gear Sizing Tips

The first snow has fallen on the mountains and ski areas are breaking out the snow making equipment. Now's the perfect time to break out your ski gear and make sure it all fits properly. You'll stay warm and your ski equipment will perform better if it's the right size.

How to Fit Ski Boots

Nothing is worse than a day on the slopes with the wrong sized ski boots. If your ski boots are a little too big your feet will get cold and your feet will move around within the boots. Tight ski boots will cause unnecessary pain. Follow the tips in this video to learn how to properly fit ski boots.

Determine Proper Ski Length

Next up you'll want to have the right length of skis. The right sized ski will help you feel comfortable on the slopes and help you perform. You'll need to know three things to find the right ski length. First, start with your weight, then adjust the length of your ski based on your ability, and finally adjust for the type of terrain you'll be skiing.

Everything you need to know to fit your ski length is available here: Ski Length.

Ski Pole Sizing

To get the most out of your ski poles they've got to be the right size. Watch this video to find the perfect sized ski poles:

How to Size a Ski Helmet

You'll obviously want your ski helmet to fit correctly. If it's too tight it'll hurt but if it's too loose it'll move around and be annoying as you make your turns. Follow these tips to learn how to measure your head and find the perfect ski helmet: How to Size a Ski Helmet.

how to fit ski gear

Now you know how to fit all of your ski gear. For more skiing equipment information, check out our Alpine Skiing Buying Guide.
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