Ski Season Preparations

*Welcome #TeamSierra blogger Heather Balogh with this fun post on ski season preparations.**

Here in Colorado, the beginning of ski season is practically a state holiday. Sleepy boot fitters awake from their summer-long slumber to attend to the hordes of eager powder aficionados, and fitness clubs boast of "ski conditioning" courses by the dozens.

However, there is more to prepping for a season on the slopes than just strengthening the quads. Never fear! We've got a few tried-and-true techniques that will help you reach your A-game and be ready to press glass before the holidays roll around. Step back and learn, my friends!

Colorado Ski Vacation

Sweet Video Footage

We all know that if you didn't catch it on camera then it didn't happen, right? Do yourself a favor and prep the helmet mount for your GoPro and wipe the lens clean. Next time you drop that gnarly line of pillows, you'll be sure to capture footage for bragging rights with your friends. Sick, bro.

The Ski Boot Stumbles

We've all been there: you pop on your ski boots for the first run of the season and you're suddenly bent at the waist, gasping for air and clutching your ankles with white-knuckled fingers. Were your boots always this uncomfortable?!

In order to combat this early-season suffering, we've figured out a way for you to prepare yourself for this unabashed discomfort. Find a couple of 2 x 4 wooden planks and spend a solid five minutes beating on your toes. Once they're nice and swollen, strap those 2 x 4s to your shins and spend the rest of the day walking around with zero mobility in your joints and a little bit of bend at the knee. Once you can handle a full day of this, you're ready to hit the pow.

Snowboarding in Powder Photo by Will Rochfort

Pre-Season Goggle Tan

If you've spent any time in a ski town, you know that the quintessential goggle tan is a thing of beauty, worthy of major bragging points. Unfortunately, it takes most hardcore riders a month or two to develop this honorable tan line. Never fear—we're pretty sure it's something you can fake with a tube of lipstick and some cleverly placed smearing. Don't worry; no one will suspect a thing.

The Resort Walk of Shame

There is nothing—and may we repeat, nothing—more indicative of a season away from the slopes than a shameful walk from the parking lot to the lift line. We get it. Ski boots, fogged goggles, a lopsided helmet, some carefully placed ice, and an armful of skis and poles does not a graceful walk make.

However, we got your back and all it takes is a little practice to prep for this character-defining walk. Find an ice rink, a frozen pond, or even your slippery driveway and do your thing, making at least a dozen laps each day while carrying everything in your snow sports quiver. Bonus points if you can manage to find your car keys without dropping your gear or falling on your face.

A Colorado Gal Photo by Will Rochfort

Purchase Stock in Mittens

It doesn't matter which brand, but one word of advice: don't pick the most expensive. Let's face it: we all know you're going to lose at least six pairs before the end of the season. And no, you'll never find them again.

A Colorado Gal

-Heather is a Colorado gal who believes that adventure is part of her soul and tries to seek out adrenaline whenever possible. She can be found peak bagging high altitude summits; backpacking into off-the-grid locales with her pup; skiing powder stashes so deep that the snow stings her face; or exploring new cultures in developing countries. For a simpler approach, find her on her blog at or on Twitter: @AColoradoGal.

Team Sierra

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Heather is a Colorado gal who believes adventure is part of her soul. She seeks adrenaline whenever possible, and can be found peak bagging high altitude summits, backpacking into off-the-grid locales with her pup, skiing powder stashes so deep the snow stings her face, or exploring new cultures in developing countries. (Team Sierra bloggers receive promotional consideration from Sierra Trading Post.) Will Rochfort is a Colorado-based writer and photographer who just happens to be married to A Colorado Gal, Heather Balogh. He is a contributing editor for Backpacker Magazine. See more of his work on Instagram.
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